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39 Ways You Know It’s Still Summer

Your brain’s mush. Your bank account is, too. Your kid’s spent the last 20 days begging you for a bigger, better water gun. When you give in and buy him a Super Soaker, it lasts about 5 minutes, until he notices that his friend has a bigger, better Super Soaker. You spend the next 28 […]

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Children’s Day

So after a thorough cross-examination over why we celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day but not Children’s Day, I’ve allowed Nico to talk me into a new holiday. Partly because my kids have suffered so badly from all the gruel and forced labor. And, really, isn’t it time to give them something other than an […]

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What’s Eating Your Child (or Your Spouse)?

Suzita over at Play. Fight. Repeat. turned me on to this amazing book, What’s Eating Your Child? by Kelly Dorfman, and I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s changed our lives.  (At least it did until we fell off the wagon this past week with out-of-town visitors and end of the school year parties, ack.  […]

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Hiding Behind Our Children (or Our Work)

After Gabriel was born, I was so damn exhausted that I couldn’t finish a sentence, much less carry on a conversation.  I mean, I was still wiped from when Nico entered the picture, and now that I had a 2.5 year-old and newborn to juggle, I was a blathering mess. Gabriel wasn’t the easiest baby, […]

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How Relaxing Was Your Weekend?

After a jam-packed week, we look forward to the weekend.  Friday night rolls around and we breathe a sigh of relief, thinking, Ahh, we can finally relax. And then I realize how much work needs to be done.  Our house is trashed, we need groceries, not to mention clean laundry, the bike needs to be […]

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