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Taking The Leap

Meet Ingrid Ricks, the woman who spent a long time dreaming about writing her memoir, Hippie Boy: A Girl’s Story.  For years, it was all she talked about.  And even though she didn’t have enough time to really knock it out–outside of work and raising her kids, that is–she chipped away at it, and she […]

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How Relaxing Was Your Weekend?

After a jam-packed week, we look forward to the weekend.  Friday night rolls around and we breathe a sigh of relief, thinking, Ahh, we can finally relax. And then I realize how much work needs to be done.  Our house is trashed, we need groceries, not to mention clean laundry, the bike needs to be […]

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How to Let Yourself Off the Hook

Silly me–I thought things would settle down once we made it through our kitchen remodel.  But then I started working on my book proposal like a maniac, at the expense of my health, sleep and general sanity.  And then I found out that the stomachaches Nico’s been complaining about for the past few months are […]

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Thank God Our Kitchen Remodel is Finally Done (Or: Now I REALLY Understand Why So Many People Get Divorced During a Remodel)

Good news: our kitchen’s finally done!  And I, for one, am pretty damn happy about it. Because the thing I absolutely stupidly didn’t realize about a kitchen remodel is how much friggin work it really is.  (Yeah, yeah, I’m kinda dense about this stuff, I’ll admit it.) There’s a bunch of small details that need […]

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Before and Almost-After Kitchen Pictures

A lot of folks have been asking for pictures of the kitchen remodel.  So, even though we’re still mid-way through (and waiting on our new countertop), here’s the before picture. Is that stove a beaut or what?  Circa 1980, with some good grease stains on the wall, to really give the joint some flavor. Now, […]

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How to Shine On

Remember this guy? This is what I looked like this weekend, The Hulk. I completely lost my mind on Saturday and turned into an evil person.  Why?  Because I was getting close to finishing a major part of my book proposal and a part of me was getting nervous that I might actually, gasp, succeed. […]

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