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The Man Cold

A quick note: all my kvetching about Ken is (usually) in good spirits and always has his approval. But let’s be honest, the way men act when they’re sick or ailing is funny. Check out this obnoxious video: (You’ve probably already seen this. I just happen to be a good two years behind the rest […]

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Once in a Lifetime

Isn’t it funny how you and your spouse can have an entire conversation without actually remembering it?  I’m not sure if this is due to the inevitable brain damage that accompanies years of sleep deprivation or if there are some crafty aliens out there who like to pick-pocket our brains while we’re sleeping.  Around here, […]

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Playing Chicken with the Laundry

My husband has a strange affliction: he’s physically unable to complete a load of laundry. Surely, someone somewhere has categorized this terrible disease, given it a kingdom or phylum or Latin-sounding name in the name of science. Don’t get me wrong; he’s great about starting the wash.  Especially if it happens to be a load […]

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The Daily Drive-by

Lately, I find myself wishing I could hire someone to take care of us for a couple of weeks.  Nothing too crazy, just someone to cook, clean, do our laundry and maybe even wrangle the kids for an entire weekend so I can finally catch up on some sleep.  You know, the kind of thing […]

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How to Make Your Wife Happy in Flight

Lately, I’ve been trying to be nicer to Ken.  I even took his car through a car wash (see “What’s with the Car?” below).  But  yesterday, my hubby truly outdid me. He let me nap on the airplane. That’s right.  Is this better than the Mile High club, or what? I mean, seriously, how often […]

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What’s with the Car?

All right, dudes, what’s with the car? Why is it so important? Why is it that my husband can walk through our wrecked, chaotic home without noticing a thing, but toss some grimy kid food in the backseat of his car and he’s immediately up in arms? I clearly remember the first time I noticed […]

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Let’s Make a Deal

First, let me start by saying how glad I am that I don’t have a hubby who plays golf all weekend.  I know there are plenty of women out there whose hubbies are gone all weekend, every weekend, doing their own thing.  I could never be one of those women, and god help me, if […]

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Good Cop, Bad Cop

It’s no secret that I’m the bad cop in our family, the one who’s always trying to keep some sort of order in the house, make sure the kids don’t kill each other, etc.  In fact, I come from a family of bad cops; I’m pretty sure it’s in our DNA.  But it’s definitely not […]

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