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You Are Loved

You Are Loved

All right folks, now it’s really around the corner. Valentine’s Day is only six days away. So what are you going to do this Valentine’s Day? How are you going to celebrate it? This year, I’d like to celebrate by sending all of you a virtual Valentine. I would like to let each and every […]

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How to Get Your Mojo Back (a.k.a. What to Do When You Hit a Fork in the Road)

After a jam-packed week, I look forward to relaxing. After the jam-packed holidays, I really look forward to relaxing. That’s usually when I realize how much needs to be done. Our house is trashed, we need groceries (not to mention clean laundry), the puppy taken out, and then of course there’s the endless meals and all […]

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13 Ways to Tell if You’re Checking Out of Your Marriage (and How To Fix it Before Your Spouse Leaves)

Kevin wrote to tell me he’s been working his ass off to provide food and shelter for his family. He works long hours, and when he gets home, he’s too exhausted to connect. His wife’s resentful as hell, and he doesn’t feel great about their marriage, either. But someone has to pay the bills, right? […]

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