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This is what my backyard looked like this morning after a new foot of snow. Would you believe I even shoveled a path out for the dog?

How to Take Back Your Power and Dig Out of Your Resentment (One Shovelful at a Time)

Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of pleas for help around this whole resentment thing. Yesterday, two women wrote me complaining that their husbands weren’t there for there emotionally or financially during some intense life challenges. And then there was the man who asked for advice after his wife physically and emotionally distanced herself from […]

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How to Face Your Fears and Finally Commit

 Note: Today’s post is written by Alexis Meads, a lifestyle and wellness coach.  A few weeks ago, I got married. We’re having our wedding in Greece this coming May, but had decided to get legally married at the courthouse beforehand. Let me tell you, I was panicking. Since the thrill of the engagement wore off, […]

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