Highlights from My Week

Nico: “I have so much love I could flood the whole city!”

This amazing photo by my friend Sarah McLaughlin.

Our latest house-hold motto: All sports, all the time.

Gabriel singing “This is No Ordinary Love” by Sade after we heard it blasting at the local diner and I started sillily singing it to him.  Ken mockingly singing it in falsetto and Nico following suit.

Nico: “I’m as hot as a jellybean!”

Nico yelling “I’m about to snap!” Um….

Nico: “I love you to infinity!”

Nico as I wrestled the not-working vacuum cleaner: “Are you frustrated, Mama? Just take a deep breath.”

And the kicker, which he said to me yesterday when I was hyperventilating over God-knows-what.  Nico pointed to a drawing he’d made–on the bottom, he’d stuck a sticker of a tiny little pink heart.  “See that heart, Mama?” he said.  “That’s a reminder to love.”


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  1. Rachel June 16, 2011 at 8:06 pm #

    I love those kids! You two makers-of-those kids aren’t so bad either. xoxo.

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