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All the Single Ladies

You’ve got to read this great Atlantic article by Kate Bolick, “All the Single Ladies.” A reader sent it to me, and wow, was I glad she did. I debated trying to rip the thing apart, but with my current slow-mo brain, that would probably take me three to four months to tackle.  Which would […]

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Hanging On For Dear Life

After we’d cleared out all that old crap at our garage sale last weekend (which I’ll write about once I’ve recovered), I was hoping that some new energy (money, say, or large gifts) would flow our way. What I got instead was another fight! Or The Same Old Fight!  The details of which I will […]

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The Secret Lives of Wives, cont.

Remember how I asked people to write in after my last post (on the Iris Krasnow piece) and let me know how often they thought about divorcing their spouses? Well, a few women wrote to say that they don’t think about divorce nearly as often as they did when their children were babies (and when […]

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The Fine Line Between Marriage and Divorce

Whoa–I just read an interesting Huffington Post piece by Iris Krasnow, author of The Secret Lives of Wives: Women Share What it Really Takes to Stay Married. In “The Fine Line Between Marriage and Divorce,” Krasnow reveals that most married women contemplate divorce “if not weekly, at least once a month.” Damn. And it’s not […]

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