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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

We’ve spent the last week traveling around Colorado with friends.  Here’s a brief slideshow from our week.     The good: Nico and Gabriel on their first fishing adventure.           The bad(ass): Gabriel near the top of Rocky Mountain National Park wearing knee pads and elbow pads, just in case he’s […]

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And the Results Are In

Remember that week-long experiment about the power of positive thinking?  Here’s how it panned out: On the days I was able to maintain my new can-do attitude, life was easier, not to mention way more fun. My interactions with others were way more positive. My writing and teaching were more focused and effective. Family life […]

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Highlights from My Week

Nico: “I have so much love I could flood the whole city!” This amazing photo by my friend Sarah McLaughlin. Our latest house-hold motto: All sports, all the time. Gabriel singing “This is No Ordinary Love” by Sade after we heard it blasting at the local diner and I started sillily singing it to him.  […]

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Is This Love

First of all, let me say that I bow down to all the single mothers out there. You women rock! Here I am complaining about Ken being out of town for 5 days when you women do it all the time. I am not worthy! I am not worthy! I am not worthy! So today, […]

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The Sick Hubby, Continued

While we’re on the topic of ailing hubbies, I’ve got one last tale for you. Nico was a little over two years old at the time of this story, and I was seven months pregnant with Gabriel and on bed rest.  Meaning Ken was understandably stressed, since he was responsible for all the cooking, cleaning […]

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