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Steps 2 and 3: Have a Big Fight and Use that Fight for Change

Breakthrough, people, breakthrough.  That’s what I should have said instead of saying we’d finally rebooted our marriage.  Because, as we all know, marriage is a living, breathing, changing thing.  Which means there’s always the opportunity for another fight around the corner. Yee-ha! But the good news is that once you’ve had a major breakthrough, the […]

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The Secret Lives of Wives, cont.

Remember how I asked people to write in after my last post (on the Iris Krasnow piece) and let me know how often they thought about divorcing their spouses? Well, a few women wrote to say that they don’t think about divorce nearly as often as they did when their children were babies (and when […]

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Uh-Oh! Sleep-Deprived Wives Fuel Marital Strife

While we’re on the subject of sleep deprivation, let’s go a little deeper. It’s no big secret around here that I’m perpetually sleep-deprived and grumpy.  So let me start by saying that I have high hopes of sleeping again–and soon.  To get there, I’m slowly but surely nudging my two resident insomniacs (Gabriel and Ken) […]

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