9 Steps Now Available in Paperback (plus a FREE gift if you act fast!)

I’m so excited to announce that my new book, 9 Steps to Heal Your Resentment and Reboot Your Marriage, is now available in paperback!

9 Steps Book Cover 3x4wideWhen I launched the eBook last December, many of you wrote in to say you wanted a paperback copy—so here it is! Simply click this link to get your very own, brand-spanking-new copy! (And if you’re not a fan of Amazon, don’t worry—the book will be available at Barnes & Noble and other booksellers shortly.)

Here’s what people are saying about 9 Steps to Heal Your Resentment and Reboot Your Marriage:

“Buy this book. You won’t be disappointed!” –J

“Great little book. I’d definitely recommend it for anyone struggling with their resentment.” –Anonymous

“Five stars. Practical down to earth suggestions written in a supportive and caring style.” –Sandy

“Finally, a marriage book for men. Worth your time and money.” –HD

“Life-changing little book.” –C

See? Don’t listen to what I’m saying. Listen to them. Buy the book.

And then a favor: after you buy the book, it would mean the world to me if you’d give it an honest, heartfelt review on the website where you purchased it. It doesn’t have to be long–a few sentences would be awesome. Because the more reviews a book has, the better its chances of reaching the people who need it the most. And as you’ve all shown me these past couple of years, we ALL need help when it comes to our resentment.

To sweeten the pot, I’ll send you a FREE PDF copy of the book if you’d like to review it—but you need to act fast! Simply email me at tanja [at] tanjapajevic [dot] com in the next 48 hours (by midnight MST Thursday July 16th) and I’ll send you your free PDF. Simple! Write “Review PDF” in the subject line, and if you don’t hear from me within 24 hours, check your spam folder.


Want to know more about the book? Here’s a quick snapshot:

Save Your Marriage

Resentful? Feeling frustrated and irritated with your spouse? Wondering if you’re headed for divorce?

You’re not alone.

After her blog post on marital resentment went viral, hundreds of thousands of readers wrote to Tanja Pajevic, asking for advice. Almost all of them thought they were headed toward divorce.

But Pajevic knew it didn’t have to be that way. Her own rebooted marriage was proof, so she decided to create a fun, easy-to-read cheat sheet to share what she’d learned during five years of research and plenty of real-life trial and error—a CliffsNotes for rebooting your marriage.

In 9 simple steps, you’ll learn how to:

  • release your resentment,
  • communicate more clearly,
  • rekindle the romance in your marriage, and
  • create a marriage that’s right for you.

You’ll also learn how to:

  • break old, painful patterns,
  • create time for yourself (as well as the hobbies you once loved),
  • bring a sense of freedom back into your life,
  • release guilt once and for all, and
  • create a life full of meaning and joy.

A quick-and-dirty guide to fixing your marriage, 9 Steps to Heal Your Resentment and Reboot Your Marriage is packed with simple, effective tools that really work. See why hundreds of thousands of people have joined Pajevic’s Reboot This Marriage movement.

Why me? What are my credentials and why did I write this? Well, here’s the official bio:

Tanja Pajevic is a Fulbright fellow who’s taught at the University of Colorado at Denver, the Community College of Denver, and Indiana University. She creates transformational books, blogs, and workshops to support life’s big transitions.

Although if you’ve followed my blog at all, you know that I’m just like you. I wrote this book because I was struggling with the exact same issues. And I needed help, just like you. So I started digging. I read tons of marriage books, tons of psychology books, then boiled down the best of the best into this–the book I most needed when I was dealing with my own marital problems.

In other words, I wrote this book to save you precious time, money, and energy.

Think of it as one-stop shopping. This book addresses the major problem areas–from money, sex, work, parenting, fighting, and other communication issues to hobbies, chores, friends, and family–all in one place. So you don’t have to go out and buy a zillion books. Just one. Because it’s all in here.

That’s one of the reasons I started this blog, way back in 2011.

So we could share information. And help each other out.

As HR, one of our readers, says:

“I first came to this site in desperation and had lost all hope within my marriage. This last 6 weeks of our marriage has been solid, passionate, and loving. I no longer wonder if there is hope, no longer wonder if my wife would become ex-wife, no longer wonder what would happen with our children. It is a huge relief to know that my wife loves me and is in love with me once again. Your thoughts and expressions and ideas helped me get on the right path and the right mentality/attitude that I needed to pull through.”

Thanks for sharing that, HR.

And thank you, awesome friend! For being you.

And for caring enough about your marriage to save it.

So let’s DO this already! Let’s kick our resentment to the curb once and for all. Let’s reboot our marriages.

It’s time.

(Remember, for your FREE PDF review copy, simply email me in the next 48 hours, by midnight MST Thursday, July 16, 2015.)

P.S. Woo-hoo! To thank you for reading all the way to the bottom of this message, I’d like to offer you a second free gift: my report 25 Ways to Navigate Your Grief. To claim your gift, click here or visit TheRhythmofGrief.com.



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