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About Me 

I’m just another frazzled writer/mom-on-the-go, except that I work from home, which means that I barely leave the house. If you do see me around town, I’m usually wearing my dance clothes. (Did I mention that dancing keeps me sane?)

I started this blog because I was having a hard time dealing with challenges of marriage and parenthood. That was in 2011. Since then, I’ve come to believe that the big transitions in life (marriage, parenthood, death) are some of the hardest challenges we’ll ever face.

Despite that, most of us don’t talk about these kinds of struggles. We don’t share what we’ve learned.

Instead, we struggle in silence.

Never realizing that the person down the street is struggling with the exact same issues.

I wanted to put a stop to that. I wanted to create books, blogs and workshops that addressed this stuff head-on. I wanted to create a space where people can ask for help. Where folks can tell it like it is. A place where we can go, and know that someone has our back.

We need to start getting each other’s backs.


Much love,



About Tanja (The Official Bio)

A former Fulbright Fellow to Slovenia, Tanja Pajevic received her M.F.A. from Indiana University, and has taught at the University of Colorado at Denver, the Community College of Denver and Indiana University.

Her writing has been featured on The New York TimesGawker, Married with Luggage and Scary Mommy, as well as in literary reviews such as Shenandoah and Crab Orchard Review. Tanja is currently working on a memoir about the transformational aspect of grief, and is the author of the bestselling book 9 Steps to Heal Your Resentment and Reboot Your MarriageShe also blogs at The Rhythm of Grief.

She is a recipient of numerous grants and awards, including a Hemingway Fellowship, a Kraft Fellowship, and a Development Faculty Award from the University of Colorado at Denver for her project “Writing as Healing.” Tanja leads writing workshops around life’s big transitions, and works as a writer and consultant in Boulder, CO, where she lives with her husband Ken and their two boys, Nico and Gabriel.

About This Family

Ken and I live in Boulder, Colorado with our two boys, Nico (5 yrs) and Gabriel (3 yrs), and our long-suffering dog, Loki.  Since we both work from home, we spend a lot of time in what we’ve come to call our own little personal space shuttle.











Here we are on a good day (yes, those are diapers):

Here we are on not-so-good days:


This is the official picture of Nico and Gabriel:

But this is what they look like in real life: