Before and Almost-After Kitchen Pictures


A lot of folks have been asking for pictures of the kitchen remodel.  So, even though we’re still mid-way through (and waiting on our new countertop), here’s the before picture.

Is that stove a beaut or what?  Circa 1980, with some good grease stains on the wall, to really give the joint some flavor.

Now, I’m not a real fancy-kitchen kind of person, so I didn’t care that much what kind of stove we got or any of that other stuff that people get obsessed with during a kitchen remodel. All I really wanted was that blasted wall gone.  Mostly because of how much time you end up spending in your dining room when you’ve got small children: 3 meals a day + snacks = me, losing my mind. I just wanted to open that damn thing so that I no longer felt like a prisoner in our dining room.


Now check out this baby!  Is that nice, or what? Yeah, we got a fancy (read: silver) hood and fancy-ish stove, but I don’t even really care about all that. What I’m most pumped about is how easily I can now talk with my honey-bunny and my kids from any part of this awesome wall-free zone.  Whoo-hoo!

It’s really changed our lives, I have to say.  Who knew that doing something as simple as blowing out a wall would make us all so much happier, but it has.  And this might sound totally insane, but it seems like there’s something symbolic about blowing out this wall–almost as if by taking it down, we were taking down all sorts of other obstacles in our lives.

OK, folks, that’s it for me today.  I gots to go enjoy me some kitchen.  Yum!



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