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Thank God Our Kitchen Remodel is Finally Done (Or: Now I REALLY Understand Why So Many People Get Divorced During a Remodel)

Good news: our kitchen’s finally done!  And I, for one, am pretty damn happy about it. Because the thing I absolutely stupidly didn’t realize about a kitchen remodel is how much friggin work it really is.  (Yeah, yeah, I’m kinda dense about this stuff, I’ll admit it.) There’s a bunch of small details that need […]

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10 Reasons to Stay Home for Spring Break (Or: One Family’s Painful Staycation)

10.  Because you’re going to be cold anyway, dammit.  So you might as well be comfortable in your cold-but-globally-warmed backyard. 9. Because your kids can stay up late and then wake up at 5:00 a.m. wherever you are. 8.  Because you can go thrift-store shopping without fighting the college kids for all the good stuff […]

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How to Shine On

Remember this guy? This is what I looked like this weekend, The Hulk. I completely lost my mind on Saturday and turned into an evil person.  Why?  Because I was getting close to finishing a major part of my book proposal and a part of me was getting nervous that I might actually, gasp, succeed. […]

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