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In Praise of Permission

This is where my mind is today–in New Zealand.  Alas, my tired little body is still stuck in Colorado, wondering how I’m going to get the 896 things done today that I need to.  A little challenging when you’re walking around looking like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Which explains why I cut out of […]

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Hallelujah! I believe!

Oh ye faithful followers, I have repented!  Reformed!  I have seen hell and returned to tell the tale! I believe! Do not be so foolish as to fall into the trap of uncleanliness and ungodliness. Get thee to a housekeeper!  Save yourself and your loved ones while there is still time! Do not allow the […]

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Why Women Should Rule the World

by Tanja Pajevic Grade 6 Ha, ha!  No, I didn’t write that essay back then, but guess what? I’m going to write it now! You might be wondering what prompted this topic today and/or why you’re being subjected to reading it.  (Although you’ve probably just mistakenly subscribed to my posts or are being tortured by […]

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Stretch Challenge of the Day

Ken turned to me this weekend and said, “How’s this for a stretch challenge?  Let’s try and take down our Christmas lights this weekend.” This wouldn’t be an issue in January and probably not even February, but lordy, here we are in April.  What’s even more frightening is that we didn’t even get around to […]

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Once in a Lifetime

Isn’t it funny how you and your spouse can have an entire conversation without actually remembering it?  I’m not sure if this is due to the inevitable brain damage that accompanies years of sleep deprivation or if there are some crafty aliens out there who like to pick-pocket our brains while we’re sleeping.  Around here, […]

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Our Own Little Ecosystem

Our goal this weekend was to relax.  Ha.  As if that’s actually even possible these days.   In the past 48 hours, we had all of two moments of relative calm (yes, I counted).  Meaning the kids weren’t pushing all of our buttons, Ken and I weren’t pissed at each other and we’d both decided to […]

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