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Sun and Clouds Viewed from Underwater

19 Things I Learned in the ICU

I’ve spent the last two weeks at the hospital, caring for a loved one.  Here’s what I’ve learned: It’s always easier to blame someone or something else for whatever went wrong. Blaming solves nothing. Most of the shit we worry about doesn’t really matter. Love, love and more love.  That’s where it’s at, folks. When […]

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How to Help: Colorado Wildfires

If you live in Colorado, you already know how crazy it is to live in a wildfire zone.  If you live anywhere else but happen to catch the news, you already know how hellish this month has been, with at least 3 major fires currently burning around the state. There’s the catastrophic Colorado Springs/Waldo Canyon […]

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Check Out My Majority United Interview

Just wanted to share this fun interview I did with The Majority United: Empowering Women to Unite and Mobilize last night. Bettyjean Kling was my awesome interviewer, and I had a blast talking to her about everything under the sun. She’s doing some pretty cool stuff with her show, I have to say, and she’s […]

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Book Giveaway: Strip Off Your Fear

To celebrate Laura and her kick-ass reemergence into a new, more positive world, I’m giving away a free copy of Betsy Talbot’s Strip off Your Fear: Slip Into Something More Confident. I’ve been a big fan of Betsy and Warren’s Married With Luggage blog ever since a friend turned me on to them and I […]

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Thanks for the First Year

Don’t worry–I’m not stopping just because we’re close to hitting the one-year mark! I’m just taking a moment to celebrate what we’ve created so far.  Read on: When I started this blog close to a year ago, I thought of it as a fun way of airing my marital grievances while Ken and I worked […]

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Merry Christmas, Take 2

Merry Christmas to all the Serbs, Russians, Greeks and any other Eastern Orthodox followers out there! That’s right–we celebrate Christmas on January 7th.  When I was a kid, having two Christmases was definitely one of my favorite things about being Serbian. My kids, as you might guess, are also enjoying this bounty.  Although this morning […]

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