Chaos Theory in Action

After spending so little time working over the past month, I was hoping to get out cracking right out of the gate this morning.  Alas, I forgot that we were having a handyman over this morning to pull down our kitchen cabinets.  Yup, we’re finally getting around to that kitchen remodel that my honey-bunny’s been hankering for for the last 8 zillion years.

To be fair, we need it.  Or at least part of it–our yucky Formica counters have been falling apart for the past 5 years, despite the fact that Nico’s taped them together with Scotch tape on many different occasions. (“Look, Daddy! I fixed it!”) So, yeah, we need that one.  And our oven, at 20+  years, is pretty wretched.  But where we’re going crazy is in opening up the wall that I’ve wanted to open up, well, for forever.

Whoo-hoo! I can’t even tell you how excited I am about this part of the project.  But, as I’m quickly learning, there are 1800 things that need to happen before we get there.  As in choosing which oven we’re getting, which hood, etc.  And to think I thought we were home-free once we’d picked out the new counter top material!  Talk about being a home remodel virgin!  I had no idea how long one can really wrangle with one’s spouse when it comes to picking out a simple stove, not to mention how many hours go in to talking to the Home Depot people or the handyman we’d hired to help us with this stuff.

No wonder all those people remodeling their house are always so insane!  I mean, am I the only out out there who never really understood when other people talked about their somewhat minor remodels being so time-consuming?  Sure, they’re a mess and a pain to live with.  But unless you were doing the work yourself, I didn’t get how it could become so time-consuming.  Once you picked out everything, you were home-free, right? Right?

Right?! (That’s the sound of me sobbing.)

I didn’t realize that my handyman would have 1800 additional questions for me this morning, or that he’d need my help pulling down that awkward corner cabinet, or that opening up the ceiling to make sure we weren’t opening up a load-bearing wall would force a handful of new conversations about what was going to happen, where, etc.  Or that Gabriel and my nanny would come home mid-way through and Gabriel would need to hang on to me while watching this new, exciting thing known as destroying your kitchen.

I just had no idea.

Apparently, the chaos Gods aren’t done with me yet.  Because if I was feeling unmoored over the holidays, I’m quickly learning that there’s nothing like a home remodel–no matter how minor–to suck you back into the chaos.

No wonder my friends warned me before we got started, telling me things like remodeling your house is a major stressor, right up there with moving, divorce and adding another person to your family.

Is this really true? Apparently, we’re about to find out.


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  1. Suzita @ January 23, 2012 at 5:48 pm #

    Good luck with the kitchen remodel! I know what you mean…even though you kind of know these big “life” things are going to be stressful from hearing others complain about them, you never realize quite how stressful until you experience it yourself. And if you’re me, you secretly think you’ll ride through it more smoothly than those other high-strung people.

    I can remember thinking before I had kids, “What’s the big deal about kid birthday parties?!” I mean all you have to do is buy some art supplies and some food and you’re pretty much set right? This line of thinking is probably why I was given two boys first.

    • tpajevic January 26, 2012 at 3:29 pm #

      That’s so funny–you completely nailed it w/ my thinking around the expectations, esp. the thought that I’d somehow slide through it easier than others. Will post some updates as we go! Thanks, Suzita! I always love reading your blog because I always get such great tips from you.
      Here’s the url for everybody else out there–check it out, it’s a great resource:


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