How Do You Play Chicken With Your Spouse?

Nico’s been sick with the stomach flu for the past five days, so it’ll probably be another day or two until I can get up a new post.  In the meantime, I got a great email from a reader who told me how she played dishwasher chicken with her hubby for an entire month. That’s right–neither or them washed dishes for an entire month.  Whoa.  I humbly bow before this chicken-playing queen. I am but an amateur.

So it got me thinking about what kinds of other stories there are out there.  How do you play chicken with your spouse (or partner, etc)?

(By the way, I finally gave in and put the suitcases away.  Take a look at the picture below, imagine you’re stuck in the house for five straight days with one super-sick kid and one itching-to-play kid, and you’ll begin to understand why I gave in and cleaned up. I’m pretty sure every surface of our house was covered with something.  See Loki desperately looking out the window? Even our dog was trying to escape.)

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