I Laughed Until I Cried (or That’s Why So Many People Get Divorced During a Remodel)

A few days ago, Ken and I spent three hours trying to find a replacement countertop for the one that Home Depot messed up, and man alive, I’m not quite sure how I survived. I was ready to pass out after the first place, and by the time we hit the second store, I nearly laid down on the floor and went to sleep, never to awake again. We had to stop for an emergency coffee before we attempted the third store, and wow, am I glad I held in there because the third was by far and away the highlight of our morning.

Why, you might ask? Because by the time we finally ended up at Home Depot again, the woman who’d helped us with our original order–the one that they messed up–took off running in the other direction when she saw us. In high heels, no less. With her beehive of a hairdo bobbing up and down as she ran oh-so-gingerly in the opposite direction.

For a moment, Ken and I just looked at each, wondering if we’d accidentally ended up in a movie shoot or some strange reality show.  It felt just like an episode of The Office, with everything looking so fake and weird.

I mean, we weren’t even mean to her.  I swear.

The sight of this mature woman running away from us was so funny that it ended up making our day. It pretty much made my weekend, at least until we started squabbling about which countertop we were going for next.  After two more days of back and forth, Ken and I finally agreed on a color we both liked, and guess what? Just like the first order we’d placed, this new color had also been discontinued.

Bases were loaded.  Two strikes, two outs.  Bottom of the sixth.

Who do you think won?

I’ll admit it.

We rock, scissors, paper-ed over it.

Ken won the first round, then I won 2 out of 3.

To be fair, we had friends over last night, and they both picked the color I’d chosen, which pretty much helped cement our decision.  To be honest, though, I could easily have gone with Ken’s choice, too.  I mean, hell,  it’s just a kitchen. It’s not like any lives are being lost.


I’ll keep you posted.





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