Introducing My Brand New Improved Super Hubby!

Excuse the radio silence over here this past week. Three out of the four of us got nailed with the flu, which, as you know, is always very exciting.

However. I learned an amazing thing last week: at some point during these past few months, my he’s-driving-me-crazy spouse secretly morphed into Super Hubby! (cue music)

How do I know this, you ask.

Simple.  Because me matey

  • let me stay in bed for a complete day when I was sick and
  • actually tended to sick kids while he was puking himself.

I know, I know!  Take your time and let that one settle in.  I mean, have you ever heard of a man-spouse taking care of sick kids when he’s sick? Or allowing the female-spouse to actually, really be sick and, gasp, lay down in bed???

Shocking, I know.  So many of us women spend our sick days running around taking care of sick kids and doing everything else under the sun since, of course, parenting is the one job where we can never call in sick.

But this is–literally–the only time I’ve ever heard of a hubby stepping up and taking the reins during any kind of family sickness, and actually allowing his wifey to be sick herself.  Most of my female friends have stories like this: there she was, heaving, cleaning up the kids’ puke, while her sniffling (and otherwise completely healthy) hubby hid out in the bedroom for a full day, doing absolutely nothing to help.

Which can add up to a little, how shall we say it, resentment around the old homestead.  

Now, if you’re some kind of Super-Human Hubby and have already done this for your wife, stand up and be counted!  And please pardon–I don’t mean to offend.  You see, I just haven’t heard of you yet. So, please, tell me–where did you come from?  From where do your people hail?

And if you’re one of those Not So Super-Human Menfolk out there, listen when I say that if you’re willing to step up and take care of the kids when your wife is sick, I promise you, you’re going to score some major points in your marriage.

Your wife will bend over backwards to be nice to you and hell, you might even score some bootie out of the whole thing.

Maybe.  I’m mean, I’m just saying.

Either way, I’d just like to take a moment to laud my hubby for being the Best, Most Improved Super Hubby Ever.

Dude, you rock.

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