Our Exciting Kick-off to Kitchen (a.ka. Shark) Week!

A pictorial journey through our lives this past week, starting last Saturday, when Ken and I decided to prime the dining room walls a couple of hours before his big concert. Smart, huh?

The kids couldn't wait to get in on the action.

Here's Gabriel getting ready to drip primer all over the floor.

And Nico, painting his heart out.

Here's the side project Nico decided to do while we were finishing up the dining room.

And this one, although it's a little more conceptual. I call it "Dog Treats to Nowhere."

Although this cute little ninja might just be my favorite. Did I tell you my kids are obsessed with tape?

This is us at Shine about an hour after we finished painting the dining room. The CD release party rocked, by the way. Despite the fact that we had to get up early the next morning after that damn time change.

Here's our kitchen counter top this morning, ready for the big demo.

And here's our counterop this afternoon, after Rodrigo, our contractor, spied "A Problem."

Yes, yes, A Problem! If them’s not exciting words, I don’t know what is! Luckily (or hopefully), Rodrigo sent a couple of his guys out here tonight to fix it. (Which meant lots of banging away at bedtime for all you tired, time-change-addled folks out there. Good thing my kids weren’t completely exhausted! hahahahahahahahaha)

And to think this is just the start of Kitchen Week (which, around here, is kind of like Shark Week on Discovery Channel, but better. Um.).

See you next time on Kitchens R Us!

And thanks for tuning in! This is your host, Tired T signing off….

(By the way, for those of you who’ve subscribed and are getting this post via email, I apologize in advance for whatever my damn program is doing to these pictures. I’m not sure why you’re getting some random doubles, and sincerely hope you don’t get 800 copies of our kitchen. If you do, just pretend you’re a fly. Thanks.)

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