Phase 1: So Far, So Good

Is this awesome or what?  That’s my once-upon-a-time dining room wall a-missing over there and man, am I psyched about it!  Especially since we’ve spent the last two years endlessly debating it: should we, or shouldn’t we?

We should! And just as we decided to move ahead on the kitchen front, we decided to move ahead with getting bunk beds so our kids could share a room.  Which means that in addition to our kitchen mess, our upstairs is also in complete upheaval.

The inmates

But this chaos is infinitely more exciting than you might think because it means we can go ahead with turning the other bedroom into a toy room.  Yee-ha! Which is huge since both our offices are in the basement, which means we can’t use that space for a playroom.  Instead, we’ve spent the last 5 years watching our two living spaces become increasingly cluttered with kid stuff.  No more!

And since we’re already going a little overboard around here, I’ve decided to ratchet things up a notch and redo this blog while we’re at it! Whoo-hoo!  This one’s going to happen in a couple of stages, so don’t be alarmed when the homepage looks different and then different again.  We’ll get there–eventually.

In the meantime, you might want to take me with a grain of salt. I’ve been having  a hard time writing any deep posts while my entire world is swirling in chaos.  Right now, I’m spending most of my free time looking for things and ordering pizza.

Viva la reconstruction!

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