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Reclaiming Valentine’s Day

Oh boy. Here we are: Valentine’s Day. For many of us, today ends up being painful in one way or another. Holidays in general tend to carry a lot of expectation, but Valentine’s Day tends to be a minefield. For many of us, it’s near-impossible to live up to the mythic expectations around Valentine’s Day. […]

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In-Laws Driving You Crazy?

So how many of you are getting ready to take off on your last summer trip, or else coming back from one?  And how many of those involve extended family? Yup. I feel your pain. No matter how great your in-laws are, it’s never easy, now is it? Why is that? Sigh. Now, here’s the […]

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If Your Spouse is Driving You Crazy Right Now, You’re Not the Only One

“There have been many junctures where we were ready to bail,” writes Iris Krasnow in Surrendering to Marriage: Husbands, Wives and Other Imperfections. It seems to happen every December actually, when we are swirling through the holiday madness and thrust into our own childhood memories of Hanukkah and Christmas and being safe and loved by […]

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