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In Memory of Ken’s Dad

Last night, I slept a cold, black sleep–that hard, dreamless sleep that comes with an exhausted mind and body.  When I woke, I was surprised to find that my kids (who’ve been melting down left and right these past few weeks) seemed to have morphed back into their regular old calm and happy selves.  I […]

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Parental Failure #46

(Part 2 of a 3-part series) So now that I’ve talked about the not-so-clear link between money and happiness, let me show you how badly I’ve blown it as a parent.  Especially in terms of teaching any lessons of value to my kids. Because what’s really gotten me all worked up around here is the […]

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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

We’ve spent the last week traveling around Colorado with friends.  Here’s a brief slideshow from our week.     The good: Nico and Gabriel on their first fishing adventure.           The bad(ass): Gabriel near the top of Rocky Mountain National Park wearing knee pads and elbow pads, just in case he’s […]

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And the Results Are In

Remember that week-long experiment about the power of positive thinking?  Here’s how it panned out: On the days I was able to maintain my new can-do attitude, life was easier, not to mention way more fun. My interactions with others were way more positive. My writing and teaching were more focused and effective. Family life […]

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Highlights from My Week

Nico: “I have so much love I could flood the whole city!” This amazing photo by my friend Sarah McLaughlin. Our latest house-hold motto: All sports, all the time. Gabriel singing “This is No Ordinary Love” by Sade after we heard it blasting at the local diner and I started sillily singing it to him.  […]

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The Sick Hubby, Continued

While we’re on the topic of ailing hubbies, I’ve got one last tale for you. Nico was a little over two years old at the time of this story, and I was seven months pregnant with Gabriel and on bed rest.  Meaning Ken was understandably stressed, since he was responsible for all the cooking, cleaning […]

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Stretch Challenge of the Day

Ken turned to me this weekend and said, “How’s this for a stretch challenge?  Let’s try and take down our Christmas lights this weekend.” This wouldn’t be an issue in January and probably not even February, but lordy, here we are in April.  What’s even more frightening is that we didn’t even get around to […]

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