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Steps 2 and 3: Have a Big Fight and Use that Fight for Change

Breakthrough, people, breakthrough.  That’s what I should have said instead of saying we’d finally rebooted our marriage.  Because, as we all know, marriage is a living, breathing, changing thing.  Which means there’s always the opportunity for another fight around the corner. Yee-ha! But the good news is that once you’ve had a major breakthrough, the […]

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Where Do We Go From Here?

In this post, I will wave my magic wand and–poof!–show you how to get out of that godawful downward spiral known as the spousal fight.  I will then–double poof!–show you how you can turn things around with some fun and games. Kinda, sorta. But at least it gives us some place to start! OK.  Once […]

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Hanging On For Dear Life

After we’d cleared out all that old crap at our garage sale last weekend (which I’ll write about once I’ve recovered), I was hoping that some new energy (money, say, or large gifts) would flow our way. What I got instead was another fight! Or The Same Old Fight!  The details of which I will […]

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