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The Chore Wars

So, how’s it going over there? Feeling rested and happy as the end of summer rolls around? Like you’ve accomplished everything you’ve set out to do?  What’s that, with plenty of time to spare? By the way, how’s your house? Looking spic and span, I’m guessing, just like mine. Ha. I thought so.  In a […]

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In Memory of Ken’s Dad

Last night, I slept a cold, black sleep–that hard, dreamless sleep that comes with an exhausted mind and body.  When I woke, I was surprised to find that my kids (who’ve been melting down left and right these past few weeks) seemed to have morphed back into their regular old calm and happy selves.  I […]

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This One’s for Ken

One step forward, 18 steps back.  Ken’s about to fly to California for the second time this week because his dad, who’s been fighting cancer for the past year, is quickly declining.  While he was gone earlier this week, my mom fell and broke her hip, which (with its major surgery, rehab and long recovery […]

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Parental Failure #46

(Part 2 of a 3-part series) So now that I’ve talked about the not-so-clear link between money and happiness, let me show you how badly I’ve blown it as a parent.  Especially in terms of teaching any lessons of value to my kids. Because what’s really gotten me all worked up around here is the […]

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Money, Money, Money

I’ve been thinking about money lately.  As in: money’s one of those ever-present married-with-young-children arguments, so why aren’t we talking about how crazy-expensive our lives really are? “When our kids were your age,” a friend said to me the other day, “we were always in the red.” “Really?” She nodded.  “We were way over budget–for […]

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