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Steps 2 and 3: Have a Big Fight and Use that Fight for Change

Breakthrough, people, breakthrough.  That’s what I should have said instead of saying we’d finally rebooted our marriage.  Because, as we all know, marriage is a living, breathing, changing thing.  Which means there’s always the opportunity for another fight around the corner. Yee-ha! But the good news is that once you’ve had a major breakthrough, the […]

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Notes From a Dragon Mom

After reading this New York Times piece by Emily Rapp, “Notes from a Dragon Mom,” I’d like to take a step back and just take a moment to be completely and absolutely thankful for my wonderful kids. Kapp’s 18-month-old son Ronan was born with Tay-Sachs, a rare genetic disorder, and will likely die before his […]

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This One’s for Ken

One step forward, 18 steps back.  Ken’s about to fly to California for the second time this week because his dad, who’s been fighting cancer for the past year, is quickly declining.  While he was gone earlier this week, my mom fell and broke her hip, which (with its major surgery, rehab and long recovery […]

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