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How to Get Your Life Back

So let me tell you about Laura, the producer from LA who gave up complaining for Lent. After spending the last five years going through a soul-killing divorce, the dust finally settled this past summer. And after spending five years mired in anger, regret and sadness, Laura decided enough was enough. So she began a […]

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Retrain Your Brain in Just 3 Minutes a Day

The cool thing about the positive thinking experiment I’ve been doing this past week is that folks have been sending me all sorts of great links. I especially loved this hilarious TED talk (see below) by Shawn Achor, The happy secret to better work. Besides being funny as hell, it’s also a great reminder of […]

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The Power of Positive Thinking–Take 2

It’s been a yucky past week and I’ve been swirling in the muck for a couple of days now.  You know, those awful, swirling pits of quicksand that suck you in every so often, despite your best intentions.  The last time this happened, I countered it by spearheading a One Week Only Online Special devoted […]

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And the Results Are In

Remember that week-long experiment about the power of positive thinking?  Here’s how it panned out: On the days I was able to maintain my new can-do attitude, life was easier, not to mention way more fun. My interactions with others were way more positive. My writing and teaching were more focused and effective. Family life […]

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A Beautiful Day

A friend emailed to say she was going to start a gratitude journal after I posted my Positive Thinking For One Week Only! special.  This is an exercise I usually assign in my writing classes (every day, jot down at least 3 things you’re grateful for, and keep going for one week), and I love […]

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