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Step 5: The Wedding Night

First, gather up a few of your closest buddies.  Insist they don their wedding dresses (or anything else white and frilly) for a night out on the town. Next, ask the menfolk to get all gussied up as well. Then, take it out on the town. Decide whether or not you’re going to tell the […]

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Parental Failure #46

(Part 2 of a 3-part series) So now that I’ve talked about the not-so-clear link between money and happiness, let me show you how badly I’ve blown it as a parent.  Especially in terms of teaching any lessons of value to my kids. Because what’s really gotten me all worked up around here is the […]

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Money, Money, Money

I’ve been thinking about money lately.  As in: money’s one of those ever-present married-with-young-children arguments, so why aren’t we talking about how crazy-expensive our lives really are? “When our kids were your age,” a friend said to me the other day, “we were always in the red.” “Really?” She nodded.  “We were way over budget–for […]

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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

We’ve spent the last week traveling around Colorado with friends.  Here’s a brief slideshow from our week.     The good: Nico and Gabriel on their first fishing adventure.           The bad(ass): Gabriel near the top of Rocky Mountain National Park wearing knee pads and elbow pads, just in case he’s […]

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