That Lovely, Peaceful End of the School Year Scramble

You finally get your kid pegged, your schedule nailed down, your ducks in a row and then–poof!–it all changes.  Summer break hits, relatives come a-visiting and before you know it, you’ve forgotten what day of the week it is, much less what month.

Nico at the end of a long day at the end of a long weekend. Come to think of it, that's how I was feeling, too. Done.

Sound familiar? That’s what the past couple of weeks have been like over here.  First, we moved my mom into her new place (yay!), then Nico wrapped up his school year and then relatives came into town.  Along the way, our regular schedule first disappeared, then outright evaporated.   (If you’ve got school-age kids at home, you know how crazy things get at the end of the school year, what with all the various parties and parental activities. If not, check out Lisa Belkin’s essay on the End-of-School-Year Scramble.)

Is it any wonder we’re all kinda insane by this point? Afloat and adrift and wondering what the hell our summers, not to mention next week, are going to look like?

So I spent this morning trying to get myself back on track.  I mean, yeah, it might be kind of fun to keep foaming at the mouth a little longer, but heck, it’s probably not super-helpful to any of us in the long run, you know?


OK, so I might be resisting this stuff a little bit.  I mean, yes, yes, damn it!  I am!

Gabriel's latest obsession: golf. Psst: you might not see him; he's wearing camouflage.

But you know, that’s how this whole parenting gig goes, doesn’t it? As soon as you get used to a particular phase, it changes. Your kid starts walking instead of crawling; your truck-obsessed child no longer communicates with you unless it’s about soccer; your child no longer eats green beans, or chicken, or anything red; your wild child settles down; your “nice” kid morphs into a wild child, etc. etc. etc.

So we adjust, just like we always do.  Because if there’s any truth to raising kids, it’s that they’re always changing, and as soon as we’ve gotten used to one phase, they’re ready for a new one.

Sigh–and us parents, too.

So good luck to you, friend.  And good luck with the start of your school-free summer.

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