You Are Loved

All right folks, now it’s really around the corner. Valentine’s Day is only six days away.

So what are you going to do this Valentine’s Day? How are you going to celebrate it?

You Are Loved

This year, I’d like to celebrate by sending all of you a virtual Valentine. I would like to let each and every one of you know that you are loved. And that you are not alone, regardless of the state of your marriage or whatever else it is you’re going through.

Yesterday, I read a post by therapist Dr. Kelly Flanagan that really stuck with me. He talked about how so many of us feel unlovable or unworthy. According to him, this causes all sorts of problems. Because until we start to feel like we’re worthy, we can’t do the larger work around belonging or finding our life’s purpose.

That really stuck with me. Worthiness: first and foremost.

Wanting to be loved.

And you know what? I think it’s true.

In my own life, I’ve found that feelings of unworthiness have created all sorts of troubles and dramas. They still do. And when they pop up, they end up hijacking my relationships, my family dynamics and my work.

So I keep working on it. Extending compassion to the part of me that feels like she doesn’t belong, that feels scared, that’s afraid to move forward. To the part of me that’s afraid to be seen.

Because we are all worthy here, friend. No matter how imperfect or messy we are.

And we are all human. Meaning that we’re all doing the very best we can with the resources that are available to us at the time.

And damn, if there’s one holiday that brings up feelings of unworthiness, it has gotta be Valentine’s Day. Cause forreal, people. Does anyone’s life really look like those shiny Hallmark cards and romantic comedies?

Um, nope. Didn’t think so.

Imperfect. Messy, and real. That’s where most of us live.

In real life.

So this year, I’m sending you a big ‘ole fat Happy Real Life Valentine’s Day wish. As well as a big ass You Are Worthy card, and a giant You Are Loved hug.

Cause you are. Worthy, beautiful and real.

Much love, folks.


P.S.: A giant apology to those of you who showed up for yesterday’s Live Facebook talk (3 Simple Ways to Help You Move Through Grief) and weren’t able to watch it live. Due to technical difficulties, I had to stream the talk from my personal page. The video replay is now pinned to the top of my writer page, where it will stay for a bit. Click here to watch it.

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